US Warns India about Chinese Spy Balloon !

US navy

Hello and I welcome you all to . Recently USA has actually warned India about a very serious Chinese spy mission . The United State government official has told India about the Chinese spy balloon that was in news recently . I am sure you must have heard about it a million times by now .

USA recovers balloon debris ?

The Chinese spy balloon , US navy actually released the picture of drowned Chinese spy balloon . The Chinese spy balloon entered the United Stated of America a few weeks ago . And it floated over the US , until the United States government decided that its time to shoot down this down . They shot this balloon down by a F-22 Raptor , a very advance fighter jet .

USA warned to the world ?

According to USA , this was not a one off case . This has been happening for years now . And US has warned a total of 40 nations that look , what happened to us has been happening to you as well and it will happen in the future . They also added further that countries need to be prepared . Countries need to stand up to Chinese aggression .

As these Chinese spy balloons that violate the countries territorial integrity , they simply will not be accepted . US even claimed that this Chinese balloon is actually a part of a vast surveillance program . The Chinese government has been conducting this humongous aerial surveillance program , where other than using satellite to spy on nations , they are also using these so called weather balloons .

Has India also been spied ?

While warning the 40 nations , US has mentioned primarily five nations that are the top most targets of the Chinese Air Force . According to US these Chinese spy balloons are a part of a surveillance program operated by People’s Liberation Air Force . Their primary targets are India , Japan , Vietnam , Taiwan and the Philippines .

What if spy balloon floats on India ?

If this happens to India , then it will not be easy for India to do what US did . Not just because we do not want to anger China . It is also because Russia , a very important partner of India has openly criticized the US action against the Chinese balloon . The Russian government has said that the US reaction of using an F-22 raptor against a Chinese spy balloon was rather hysterical and the Chinese side rather acted responsibly in this manner .

So suppose if tomorrow India does the same thing , Russian probable won’t be backing India and the current Indian government will be facing a lot of pressure internally to act against the Chinese balloon if such a case ever happens . So again this balloon drowning incident is indeed a defining moment . No matter how much China tries to play it down , this is a defining moment . And in the future actions of major players in the geopolitical arena might get influenced by what US did few days ago .

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